Carney Kicking Challenge Camp: December 19
@ Cathedral Catholic High School, 8am to 4pm
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John Carney, Kicking Coach

Carney Trains a New Generation of Champions

John Carney has had a legendary NFL kicking career. He now brings 23 years of NFL experience to a new generation of kicking specialists. 

John's unique style of coaching separates him from traditional coaching. His reputation for being physically fit and conditioned have been well documented. The scope of John's program covers: coaching, evaluating, teaching and mentoring. Additionally -- and of great value -- he kicks with his players, competes with them, motivates them, and oversees their strength and conditioning programs.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, John covers game preparation, pre-game routine, and game focus. These aspects of a specialist's program can make or break a game, a season, a career.

John brings knowledge and experience that only a few possess in the football industry. Firsthand knowledge is the reason he brings value and credibility to his coaching.


2,062 Career Points
5th in NFL History
Field Goal Accuracy
Clutch Kicking Success
23 Years
23 Years NFL Experience
2X Pro Bowls
2 Time Pro Bowl Player
Super Bowl XLIV
New Orleans Saints Player/Coach
50 Greatest
San Diego Chargers
Notre Dame
Sports Illustrated All Time Team
4 Decades
Of Active Play (1 of 3 Players in NFL History)
Age 44
Oldest Player Ever to play in a Pro Bowl (Feb 2009)

What 3 things does every great kicker or punter do?

  • Derek Dimke, NFL Free Agent

    Record holding PK from University of Illinois

    "I had the exciting opportunity to train with Coach Carney at his San Diego facility this past off-season. During that time, I learned more about kicking specific exercises, techniques, and mental preparation than I had from any other training program.  It is Coach Carney's expertise, combined with the high level athletes that he brings in to compete, are what sets his training facility apart.  I plan on going to train with Coach Carney whenever I have the opportunity."

  • Matt Bosher, Atlanta Falcons

    "I have been very lucky to have worked with John. He has helped me to train and lift in a way that has made me a much stronger punter on the field. The knowledge which he shares is truly invaluable and I am very thankful for all that John has done for me both on and off the field."

  • Coach Greg McMahon, New Orleans Saints

    Special Teams Coordinator

    John Carney is one of the all-time greatest placekickers in NFL history! His long, distinguished career speaks for itself. His longevity and production throughout his career is amazing.
    However, his greatest qualities are his character, integrity, and work ethic. He is a "true pro." His knowledge of placekicking is limitless, he understands the techniques of the position and is an excellent teacher. I had the privilege of working with John Carney during my coaching career and consider it an honor. This was a special player and a better man!
  • Coach Joe DeCamillis, Chicago Bears

    Special Teams Coordinator

    In the coaching business, we are always looking for ways to help our players reach or surpass their potential. John Carney is one of those tremendous resources. I have worked with him personally and saw firsthand what an excellent teacher he was as well as having extremely sound philosophies John can relate to all types of players and all levels of football. John is an excellent asset for all specialists.

  • Matthew Szymanski, Punter

    NFL Free Agent

    As an NFL punter I have high expectations for my performance, training, and nutrition. John provides a program of instruction and training that caters to each aspect. The results are immediate and the experience is exciting. John’s 20+ years of success in the NFL are clearly evidenced in his masters approach to training. John’s camps focus on the holistic athlete—technically skilled, mentally strong—offering the complete package for success on the playing field.